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“Game Changer” and “Life Saver”…

These are the roles Dr. Toby Scott plays with our family. My husband and I seek advise from Dr. Scott on a variety of topics including training, injury prevention, stress reduction and nutrition. His counsel has helped us keep moving, complete in different fitness goals and improve our eating habits. As both of our children competed in different sporting activities, Dr. Scott has supported their need to improve their recovery time after training and reduce their rehabilitation when injured.

S. Shipley

Health Condition:  Recovering from knee surgery (double meniscectomy)

“After several months and several health professionals, I decided to take 2 weeks of complete rest while seeing Dr. Scott multiple times to heal up once and for all.  His use of multiple healing modalities- from ultrasound to thera-stim and active release to Graston, combined with self rehab exercises and dynamic stretching it did the trick.  I am now finally healthy and know more about how my body works!”

E. Valdez

Health Condition: Back Pain-Low back pain-Lumbar area

“I have a history of a herniated disc in my lumbar region of my lower back.  When I went to see Dr. Molly I was having a “flare up” with this region of my back.  She got me in right away and through chiropractic and acupuncture she had me feeling much better within the first couple of appointments.  Dr. Molly took x-rays of my back and explained, in detail, what was needed as far as treatment.  I am now just on a normal maintenance program with getting adjustments.  This is the best my back has felt in a long time.  Although the hours of practice are somewhat limited, they have worked with my schedule and have made it very easy and convenient to come in for my visits.  Peyton is always so welcoming when I arrive.  Dr. Molly is always very patient and informative at all of my visits.  The last chiropractor office I went to rushed me in and out and did not seem to individualize the treatment for my needs.  I am so happy to have found Dr. Molly’s office and would refer her to any of my family and friends.”

T. Wright

Health Condition: Low Back and Neck Pain

“I came to ProCARE with a sore back and intolerable neck pain.  Since my first visit, Dr. Molly and Dr. Toby Scott have helped me start my own exercise regimen to not only relieve my pain, but help correct the problem that caused it.  It was not long before I was back to feeling healthy again.  I highly recommend the ProCARE chiropractic clinic in Olathe to anyone who has back or neck pain.”

J. Rees

Health Condition:  “Bulging Disk, Pain in upper neck, some tingling sensations into hands”

“From my very first appointment with Dr. Toby Scott, my condition has improved tremendously!

I was in not only pain before my treatment regimens, but I also had limited mobility.  However, with the diligent treatment program with Dr. Scott, my neck condition has never been better.  I am able to participate in my sporting events such as tennis competitively and overall exercise programs.  Before seeing Dr. Scott, I would have such an uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable pain, that it would hinder my ability to be as active with my exercise programs.  I am very thankful for all of Dr. Toby Scott with ProCARE Chiropractic’s, expertise in improving my neck condition, which has also enhanced my quality of life.”

M. Filbert

Health Condition: “I have a bulging disc in my back that causes me pain several times a year as I re-injure it.”

“I was referred to ProCare by a friend because I was having terrible back pain.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was slightly nervous about what to expect.  Toby Scott gave me a comprehensive exam and made sure I understood the purpose behind each step of the process.  He explained the x-rays and diagnosis to me in detail.  Once he checked over my x-rays he was very helpful in making sure that I knew about my condition.  I now know the steps I need to take to feel better and strengthen my back.  I feel very comfortable coming into their office and receiving services.  I know that Toby cares about how I’m feeling and wants the best for me.  I am so glad I finally took the steps to start rehabilitating my back and I’m thankful that I found ProCare.”

K. Glasscock

Health Condition: ” Constant pain in the left arm and shoulder created from a fall.  Wasn’t able to lift arm due to the pain and stiffness.  Any sudden movement would cause terrible pain to shoot up in the arm.  Couldn’t sleep due to discomfort and pain that I was suffering.”

“I endured pain and stiffness for a couple of months before going to see ProCARE.  The treatments I received from Dr. Molly have been very helpful in regaining more movement and to be pain free.  I did visit a specialist my regular doctor recommended me to see, but the advice and treatment didn’t help to achieve the success I wanted.  The medication I had taken only worked for a couple of weeks before the pain started to come back in my arm.  I may have been pain free while I was on the medication, but the stiffness and inability to lift my arm up to a certain degree was still there.  I couldn’t sleep without having to put my arm on a pillow.  All movement during the night would create pain, but the pillow helped eased some of the discomfort.

Dr. Molly and I discussed other options that could be taken and I opted to go for a series of cortisone shots.  I needed only just one treatment to give me the ability to be pain free.  With the treatments and exercises afterward from Dr. Molly, i was able to achieve the success I wanted.

It has been a year now since I walked into ProCARE and I am pain free and able to lift my arm higher than when I started treatment at ProCARE.  I am also able to sleep without that extra pillow.  I recommend anyone to check out the services that Drs. Molly and Toby Scott, D.C have to offer at ProCARE.”

J. Shelton

Health Condition: Trigger Finger

“My Primary care physician diagnosed me with trigger finger and told me the only cure was surgery.  I researched alternative treatments for trigger finger and found acupuncture to have good results.  I researched local care providers that could provide acupuncture and decided to try Procare.  My treatment included the Graston technique and ultrasound.

After several treatments, my trigger finger showed remarkable progress.  The treatments provided by Procare proved effective in treating my condition and I have avoided painful hand surgery because of the care provided by Procare.

One important quality of Procare is that they are a low pressure provider and both Drs. Molly and Toby are the most professional, easygoing and pleasant people you are ever going to meet.

I would highly recommend Procare based on the effectiveness of treatments, quality of care provided, expertise of the doctors, and the low pressure atmosphere of the clinic.”

M. Hughes

Health Condition:  Low Back Pain over 25 yrs

“Before I found ProCare I suffered with lower back pain for over twenty five years. Sometimes the pain would be so debilitating I would sit in a tub of hot water for relief. It has been about two years that I have had treatments from Dr. Scott and I feel like a new person. Thank God for ProCare chiropractic!”

David B.
Olathe, KS /

Health condition: Sinus Infections, Lower back pain, Joint and muscle inflammation, shoulder pain, neck pain, left and right hand numbness and tingling

“I have been to see Dr. Molly Scott DC since Feb 2010.  After seeing her for the last month, my symptoms have got better.  My sinus infections have stopped, my joints and muscle pain have reduced and I feel a lot healthier.  I believe Drs Molly and Toby Scott DC help me live and maintain balance and adjusted the right way.  They are very nice, warm and generous.  They are the best Chiropractors I have ever experienced.  I can recommend them to my family and friends and tell them about my experience.”

J. Kitivoravong
Olathe, KS,

Health Condition:  Back Pain for 20 years

“I am a 79 year old woman who has suffered varying degrees of back pain for 20 years.  During that time span I have taken over the counter medication, prescription medication of varying strengths, physical therapy and 3 spinal epidural shots of cortisone, but my pain persisted.  Two months ago I began Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Molly Scott.  For the last 5 weeks I have been pain free.  Dr. Molly has used/recommended  exercises and suggested preventative procedures to maintain my improvement.  I relish her gentle manner and professional demeanor in her attractive, clean clinic facility.  My medical doctor endorsed this effort and approved of the current results.”

M. Hall, Ed. D

Health Condition: Chronic Headaches in the back of my head

“My care has been exceptional! Everyone is very friendly and professional.  Dr. Molly Scott took the time to explain why my headaches have been occurring.  She is also having great success in relieving them!  I would happily refer them anyone who needed this type of care.  Thanks so much!”

B. Bates

Health Condition:  Stiff Neck

“I woke up one morning and could not turn my neck from side to side.  My neighbor recommended Dr. Molly.  I was so impressed with the office- starting with Peyton at the desk who always has a friendly eye, to Dr. Molly.  After Dr. Molly used her “magic fingers”, my neck started feeling better.  I have recommended ProC.A.RE. to several friends.  We all have been impressed with the care we have gotten at ProC.A.RE.”

E. Keeling

Health Condition:  Neck Pain for over a year

“Dr. Molly restored my neck to a pain free state.  I had lived with neck pain for over a year caused by hauling a camera around my neck for years.  I had resigned myself to a painful condition until I went to ProC.A.RE.  Over the course of several months she restored me to a healthy pain free state.  Thanks!!!”

D. Clark

Health Condition:  Back Pain preventing me from playing with my kids

“A nice office with knowledgeable doctors you can trust. I was referred to ProCARE Chiropractic by my neighbor, at first I was apprehensive but the moment I stepped into the office I knew I was in the right place. The office is new and it is gorgeous. I have been to other chiropractors in the area but I have never been treated like I was by Dr. Molly and Scott. All my questions were answered and you could tell these doctors are sharp. It is immediately clear these doctors have the experience and I immediately knew they could help me. Since starting my treatment plan my pain has been reduced to the point where I no longer have pain when I play with my kids. I can’t thank them enough. Thanks for getting me back to doing the things I love”


Health Condition:  Neck Pain

“Thanks For the help”

“Great doctors! and glad they are so close to my house, they have helped me reduce my neck pain by 90%! my pain has been present since a car accident and whiplash injury 5 months ago. After a good exam and xrays Dr. Scott explained everything to me and answered all my questions. His gentle adjustments have really helped to decrease my pain and have allowed me to do things I want pain free. I was really impressed and have already referred my co worker and brought my daughter into see Dr. Molly. Thanks again ProCARE, I appreciate the help and will keep telling people about you guys.”


Health condition:  Pain from injury

“ProCARE chiropractors helped me decrease my pain and recover from my injury. I tell everyone I know at work about ProCARE as I am confident in their abilities and appreciate a friendly professional office. If you need help with your pain don’t hesitate to contact them, you won’t regret it.”


Health Condition:  None

“I have known Dr. Scott for ten years and have seen him turn into an excellent Chiropractor.  Olathe is lucky to have him, I refer people to him as much as possible.”‎

Dr. B Wulff

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