Functional Rehab

ProCARE’s version of rehabilitation differs from most peoples idea of passive physical therapy relying on mostly passive modalities to treat a symptom. Rehabilitation takes a patient centered, evidenced based approach to individualize care to ensure the best result. Many studies show that the paring of rehabilitation with the chiropractic adjustment or gentle joint mobilization is clearly where we see the quickest and most long lasting results. The doctors at ProCARE are extremely well trained and have extensive clinical experience working with patients and will set up the best plan of care for each patient. These services range from electrical modalities, ultrasound, traction, stretching, myofascial release, PIR, taping, kinesio taping, massage and Graston Technique to more active specific exercises aimed at restoring function and achieving patient health goals.

The ProCARE doctors have worked with a wide variety of patients ranging from elite world class athletes to the elderly and children, all with phenomenal results. We look forward to designing your treatment plan to achieve your health and performance goals.

For more information on chiropractic rehabilitation please follow the link to the ACRB (American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board)