Nutrition Store

Welcome to our Nutrition Store

We have teamed up with the best and most trusted Vitamin and supplement companies, to bring you the highest quality nutrition products available today.

Pure Encapsulations is perhaps the best complete, research based supplement company on the market today.  Click on the link to explore all of their products.  They will ship direct to your door and often have no shipping charges.  Also look at the provider picks to see the products we often use in our household.

Coffee Enrich is an office favorite in our morning coffee.  This product was invented and is produced by a personal and trusted friend of Dr. Scott.  This rich chocolate drink powder is outstanding as a Coffee Creamer and brings all the nutrients typically found in a traditional greens drink (only with much better taste).  Caution:  Don’t let the name fool you,  this is a fantastic nutrient powder to add to many other drinks.  It is a family favorite in smoothies and our kids love it as chocolate milk and hot chocolate (we add to almond milk).  Ask us for some smoothie recipes!  $40 in office